Aims & Objectives

The Aims & Objectives for which the said Association is established are as under:
  • To promote and maintain a high standard of professional conduct among members of the bar;
  • To promote and protect the privileges, rights, interests and prestige of the Association and its members and to promote unity and co-operation amongst advocates and other associates of the advocates in Delhi and other parties of the country;
  • To establish and maintain an adequate library for the use of members and to provide other facilities to them;
  • To watch the state of law and interest of its members;
  • To make representations from time to time to the chairman of the Tribunal and other Government authorities on matters affecting the bard;
  • To take necessary steps to prevent abuse of law or maladministration of justice and to suggest remedies therefore;
  • To take measures including funding and applying of funds for aid to deserving members or their families and to start welfare scheme;
  • To adapt all such measures as might be necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the aforesaid objects;
  • All other works which are necessary for smooth functioning of the bar and welfare of advocates.

Contact Us

  • 137, Lawyers Chambers, Block -1
    Delhi High Court, Shershah Suri Marg
    New Delhi – 110 003
  • Competition Appellate Tribunal
    Bar Room Kota House Annexee
    Shahjahan Road, New Delhi – 110 011


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