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Mr. S. Seetharaman
Partner, Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan

S. Seetharaman has rich experience in handling matters relating to antidumping, anti-subsidy, safeguards, Competition Law etc. He is an expert on WTO issues pertaining to market access, rules of origin, GATS and other multilateral agreements under GATT 1994 including Regional Trade Agreements.

He has represented clients in more than 200 anti-dumping, subsidies & safeguards investigations conducted by India and other countries including USA, EU, Russia, Pakistan, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey etc. He has also represented and advised clients before the MRTP Commission and the Competition Commission of India. Broadly, his work may be categorized as follows:

  • Actions against India i.e. Indian exporters facing trade remedy actions in other countries. In this category, Seetharaman has represented Indian exporters and Government of India in various trade remedy investigations before investigating authorities in USA, EU, Turkey, Peru, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil etc. He has also represented Government of India in a number of investigations initiated by other countries.
  • Actions by India i.e. foreign exporters facing trade remedy actions in India and domestic industry petitioning for trade remedy protection. Seetharaman has defended exporters from across the globe in numerous trade remedy investigations initiated by Indian investigating authority. He has represented more than 100 Chinese exporters in AD actions initiated by India. He has also represented Government of China in a number of safeguard investigations initiated by India. He has also represented domestic industry seeking trade remedy measure on a few occasions.
  • Cross-country Actions i.e. exporters from other countries facing trade remedy actions by other foreign authorities. Seetharaman has represented exporters from various countries like Romania, Kazakhstan, China, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, etc. in trade remedy investigations conducted by Pakistan, Thailand, Canada, EU etc.
He also handles cases relating to customs valuation of imported goods in transactions between affiliates and issues relating to foreign exchange management and export- import policy.

He is a regular speaker in various national and international conferences on Trade Remedy issues and Antitrust / Competition Law.

Before joining the firm, S. Seetharaman has worked with Government of India as a senior civil servant in various capacities such as Deputy Secretary, Union Public Service Commission, and Deputy Controller General of Accounts in Ministry of Finance.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Law and Corporate Secretaryship. He is also a Certificated Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai.

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