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Mr. S.L Bunker
Member, Competition Commission of India

Shri S. L. Bunker is a senior most Member of the Competition Commission of India. He holds degrees of MA, MBA and LLB. Shri Bunker is an IDAS officer who has more than thirty nine years experience in various fields including teaching, finance, administration, personnel, accounting, budget, public procurement, competition Law, Policy and Competition matters. He has worked in various senior positions in the Government of India. He has worked earlier as Secretary, Competition Commission of India for more than six years, before joining as Member of the Commission on 25.03.2013.

He was involved in all the activities for setting up of the Competition Commission and making it operational including framing of various rules/regulations, processes, procedures, recruitment of professional, training, advocacy and holding actual proceedings of the Commission and passing various orders relating to various contraventions of the Competition Act 2002 involving Anti Competitive Agreements, Cartels, Abuse of Dominance (AOD) and Combination (Mergers and Acquisitions) cases filed before the Commission so far

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